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ADS-B Receiver with MLAT FLARM
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Understand your user experience

ADS-B receiver with MLAT FLARM required? Your SDR dongle solution is too complex? I’s prone to error and does not work stably enough?

Based on our client experience and to solve your issues we built a low cost powerful ADS-B MLAT FLARM receiver. Air!Squitter is equipped with OLED display, WiFi, is high sensitive and has many other user requested features.

It has all you need to start with powerful live flight tracking.

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Icon Air!Squitter Real-Time Flight Tracking

Real time flight tracking

Wether ADS-B, Multilateration (MLAT) or FLARM via OGN (Open Glider Network) , Air!Squitter can display many sources including filtering and with different map styles (standard or ATCmap), switchable airspace geometry overlay, everything included in a single map.

Icon Air!Squitter All Built-In

All built-in

Everything you need for high performance flight tracking is built-in. A web server which you can access with multiple users and devices (PC, tablet or smart phone), WiFi, LAN and USB network, WiFi access point, FLARM (optional), various map styles, status and performance pages, aircraft list and many filter options.

Icon Air!Squitter Fit For The Future

Fit for the future

Air!Squitter is future proof because it contains a M.2 interface. For example, you can extend it with a GSM modem.

Icon Air!Squitter MLAT

Multilateration included

By default your Air!Squitter becomes a member of the Jetvision Flight Tracking Network. With other users in your monitoring area you will also have MLAT. Aircrafts equipped with a Mode-S transponder without ADS-B, are also tracked (e.g. military or private aircrafts).

Icon Air!Squitter Feeders

Feeders and 24/7

With built-in feeders to flight tracking networks (Flightradar24, FlightAware, Planeplotter and OpenSky Network), you can use your existing account. ​24/7 long term operation without PC support, with integrated WiFi and a minimum of cable installation makes your unattended operation even easier.

Icon Air!Squitter Commercial Version

Commercial version

For commercial users we have a special version of Air!Squitter available.

Air!Squitter Basic

Basic Version without FLARM

Your next project starts here. Buy your Air!Squitter and start live flight tracking with no limits.

Air!Squitter FLARM

Basic Version plus FLARM

As basic Air!Squitter plus integrated FLARM via Open Glider Network (OGN).


Jetvision is a brand of Günter Köllner Embedded Development GmbH, the leader in ADS-B, Multilateration (MLAT) and FLARM equipment for live flight tracking solutions.

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